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Thriving off a Diverse Range of Services and Amenities

Thriving off a Diverse Range of Services and Amenities

F.K. Warren Ltd, a well-known, Canadian marine agency has anchored their Halifax office in Scotia Square for over 30 years. Similar to the complex in which they operate, they offer a diverse range of services and provide a great amount of convenience to their clients and employees alike.

From tankers to tug boats, the logistics of the shipping industry requires 24/7 communication. “We have staff coming and going through all hours of the night, so having a secure facility is important. Scotia Square meets those needs, allowing them to park close to the elevator with cameras and security on site,” comments Colin Conrad, President of F.K Warren and MacLean Kennedy.

MacLean Kennedy, which is the sister company of F.K. Warren, will be celebrating 130 years in 2019. Throughout the years, they have grown their business, including more volume in the Great Lakes and managing Arctic shipping from their Halifax office.

“Cargo is also increasing, which could someday open the North West passage getting from the Atlantic to the Pacific. When the Crystal Symphony cruise ship breakthrough took place; we did the agency for that,” says Colin.

These are amazing accomplishments and we are proud to have them as part of our business community. Whether dealing with the logistics of booking, coordinating, profiling, dealing with the crew, the ships, customs, Transport Canada regulation, or safety reporting, we provide them with a space that their business can thrive in.

What brought them here?

When F.K Warren first moved to Scotia Square, managed by Crombie REIT, they were in desire of a more professional environment.  It was not just their employees’ benefits they considered but their crew as well. The central Downtown Halifax location grants them with quick access to ships, on-site parking and shops and services that include: food, dental, medical, post office, pharmaceutical, hairstyling, fitness facilities, insurance and more. It’s a one-stop-shop that is connected via a pedway system. To top it off, the view was also a factor when choosing location, says Colin. “Having recently moved from the 9th floor to the 12th floor of Cogswell Tower has provided an even better view, now overlooking the beautiful Halifax Harbor”.

What has made them stay?

“There has always been good cooperation with management here. Barry and Paul have always been very good to us,” Colin says of Crombie’s senior director of office leasing, and manager of facilities, projects, and procurements, respectively. Colin spoke on how he met Crombie’s President and CEO, Donald Clow in the elevator just days ago, who immediately introduced himself and thanked him for being a tenant. “Three months from now, we may not remember each other’s names, but I will always remember the fact that he thanked us”.