What’s New at Scotia Square

Scotia Square is Buzzing

We are thrilled to announce that our urban beehives are open for the season.  

With the help of our amazing partners at Alveole, an urban beekeeping company, we have officially opened our beehives for their third season. Together, we continue to maintain the health of our hives, and ensure our busy bees have what they need to continue to thrive, all while supporting our commitment to sustainability.

Did you know there are many benefits of urban beekeeping?

Urban Beekeeping:

  • Enhances pollination which improves our environment and eco-systems

  • Creates opportunities to educate our community about the environment 

  • Combats global bee population decline

  • Supports local agriculture 

  • Repurposes unused spaces within our cities

  • Produces hyper-local honey

While this initiative supports our commitment to our sustainability efforts, it also allows us to support our community. This year we once again sold our harvested honey with all proceeds being donated to the North End Community Health Centre (NECHC). The NECHC supports the health and well-being of our community through quality primary health care, education, and advocacy.

To follow our hive's progress, visit our My Hive page here

Plus you can learn some Fun'Fax about our bee's by watching this video