Scotia Square Environmental Guiding Principles

Our team is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and we continually strive to operate our Complex sustainably and more efficiently each year for the betterment of our clients, customers, and employees. Outlined below are our goals for the complex in each BOMA BEST category.


We will reduce our energy consumption and operate our centre more efficiently than the previous year, through various projects, upgrades, policies, amenities and equipment, 


We will continue to reduce and conserve our water consumption through environmentally friendly water coolers, low flow aerators, low flow flushometers in all common bathrooms, water conserving urinals as well as water free urinals, rain water collection, and more. 


We are committed to exceeding ASHRAE air quality standards by completing annual audits, regular inspections, and inserting high-quality filtration systems. 


We strive to make our Complex comfortable, inviting and welcoming through temperature control, accessibility, and amenities such as our bike room and bike racks on-site.  


We value the health and wellness of our employees, clients and customers alike with practices such as bacteria control, radon risk assessments, and cleanliness and refrigerant safety protocols.


We ensure all products purchased and procured are environmentally friendly and select our suppliers accordingly. 


We continually promote the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our custodial contract specifies the use of only environmentally friendly products which includes GREENGUARD, Green Seal and ECOLOGO.  


We continually strive to reduce, recycle, and divert as much as possible from landfills, with a goal of increasing our diversion rate by 3% each year.  


Our landscape management program includes the usage of native plants and the removal/restoration of those that are invasive or non-native, with the use of environmentally preferred pesticides and fertilizers. In winter months, we use environmentally friendly snow and ice melt. 


We are committed to engaging our clients and stakeholders in environmental initiatives.