Carshare Atlantic Adds Another Convenient Way to Move

All CarShare cars are equipped with a parking pass for Park Lane, Scotia Square, and Brunswick Place parkades.

CarShare Atlantic is soon adding Free-Floating cars to their fleet, meaning your family or business will soon have three modes of transportation:

Free-Floating (One-Way) Carsharing:

We call these Flex cars. This form of carsharing will be brand new to Halifax, and will allow you to travel anywhere without having to bring the car back to its original parking spot. Instead you just park in a legal spot within the zone. For example you can book a car, zip from South End Halifax to Downtown Dartmouth, and park the car without having to worry about going back over the bridge later. Or you can book one after work, go grab groceries, and (provided you live in the zone) park the car right on your street. Then the next person can take it from there!

This new way of moving is much more spontaneous and very convenient. The app will be constantly updating, and the locations of available cars will be at your fingertips. To keep up to date on Free-Floating Carsharing follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Station Based (Two-Way) Carsharing:

You will see these cars parked in your neighborhood (including Park Lane and Brunswick Place!) easily identifiable by the green CarShare Atlantic logo.

These cars are reliable – you always know where they will be parked and you can book up to a month in advance. For more info see

Dynamic Duo:

The mobility love affair. Are you a transit user or do you want to be? If you have an Epass or Upass you are eligible for our Dynamic Duo plan, to combine both forms of mobility, transit and carsharing.

CarShare Atlantic EXCLUSIVE:

You can also buy an exclusive year long transit pass, at a discount, through us. Sign up in June or January. For more info on the Dynamic Duo please see

As someone who works in a Crombie REIT building you are eligible for $40 off any Annual Fee for a Station Based or Dynamic Duo CarSharing membership. These members also receive a discount on Free-Floating usage.

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