Client Services Centre Renovation

Scotia Square’s Client Services Centre is being reconfigured to improve daily operations, service and overall safety. These upgrades will also positively impact employee’s ability to manage work load and streamline certain processes.

The centre was last renovated 10 years ago. Several technological advancements were made throughout that time, but it felt necessary to revisit and update this service centre. Along with enhanced fire monitoring capabilities, a significant amount of attention was focused on a new digital camera install for the main mall. There has been 25 IP cameras strategically placed that are now recording on a secure digital network. This will increase coverage of all common areas as well as enhance image quality for police use if required.

Upgrades such as these align themselves with state of the art dispatch configuration modeled on federal RCMP control centres.

“We want to ensure we remain current with best industry standards and maintain system stability in managing fire and life safety infrastructure.”
– Paul Graham, Manager, Client Security

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